Strategies and Principles Used For Victorious Christian Living

Do you want to live a victorious Christian life?

Would you be willing to do spiritual warfare?

Are you willing to change your lifestyle?

What is your understanding of spiritual warfare?

It makes no difference what I think, what you think or what anyone else thinks! We all have our opinions! We need to do spiritual battle according to God's battle plan using His spiritual weapons to "pulling down the strongholds" as stated in 2 Corinthians 10:4-6. Any other way will lead to defeat. We will get discouraged and quit trying or accept a false teaching that denies we can live a victorious Christian life. The big false teaching today is that there is no deliverance from the carnal nature. They say we were born this way and as long as we live in the physical body we must do our best to subdue it. This  is proclaimed to be always there to keep us humble. (Truth is, it will keep you in rebellion against God's plan for your life.) So they say the best we can do in this life is "fight the good fight of faith" all the time. On the contrary, there are many references in the Bible that tell us deliverance from the carnal nature is part of God's salvation plan. That this victory is for today, in this life, right now. The Book of Romans is a good place to find the truth that will set you free from this false teaching. There are many other places in the Bible that reinforce this claim.

This book is a battle plan for victory over the world, the flesh and the devil. It shows you how to gain victory in every area of your life. It is Christ centered, Bible based and confirmed by personal experience. It is compared to a military operation manual. It starts with a call to repentance. Here you enlist in God's army.  It show what you need to repent of to have spiritual victory. After repenting you must resolve to join God's plan for victory now. This book guilds you in your resolve to do things God's way. First, you are given the "Christian warrior's code of ethics." Second, the war is well-defined. Third, the enemy is exposed. Then, your fellow warriors are identified. After you know the enemy and your fellow warriors, you need to understand your ultimate weapon is the Word of God and the shield of faith. A weapon is no good without ammunition. This ammunition can be used in every area of your life to win victory through the Lord Jesus Christ. Now you are ready to go to battle with the Master's battle plan. You are introduced to the "spiritual renewal mandate" next. The next thing you need to know is the "order of command." This is very important. Jesus is your Commander in Chief. "The warrior's seven fitness procedures" will keep you in tiptop condition for the battle. You need to "crystallize the battle-cry" to stay focused on the battle. No compromising here. Next you need to know "the field of operation" so you can "fight the good fight of faith" where the real battle is at. After the battle is over there must be "a clean-up operation." Finally, there is the "victory celebration" around the throne of God with all your fellow warriors in heaven. The battle will be over. All will be love, joy and peace forever.

Spiritual victory starts with a right relationship with God, others and yourself. This book relates lasting victory to internal victory. Internal victory must be won before experiencing victory over outside conflicts.


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